PicSay Photo Editor

PicSay – Photo Editor is a wonderful photo editing app that is simple to use.  Initially you are prompted to choose a picture to modify.  Once the photo is displayed there are several menu options: New Title, Word Balloon, Sticker, Effect and Export.  The title and balloon section are straight forward.  You can choose from… Continue reading PicSay Photo Editor

Animal Life

I found Animal Life useful as a reference tool for younger students.  The layout is clean and minimal and hence easy to navigate.  The front page is divided into three sections: mammals, birds and reptiles.  After making your initial selection the following page has small pictures of the animals labelled with names.  Once you select… Continue reading Animal Life

OneNote Mobile Microsoft Corporation

OneNote Mobile I have not yet used the app so I can’t comment on complete functionality but the reviews are promising.  I was so excited to hear that there is such an app and I felt it should be included sooner than later.  The students use and very much rely on One Note so I… Continue reading OneNote Mobile Microsoft Corporation