I think Pace recorder might be my favorite app I have seen yet!  Again, it is simple and elegant, not trying to do too many things at once.  You may now be asking, but yes, what does it do.  This is a recorder that allows you to pace your diction.  Brilliant! I can really see a use for this in Public Speaking classes.  The front page is simply the above  icon and a timer.  Press the speaker icon to begin and the evaluation will start.  If you are too slow the blue tortoise will illuminate, if you are too fast the red rabbit illuminates, if you are balanced the green light is on.  Once you finish you can replay yourself and hear how you sounded.  So the product is two-fold allowing you to practice on your own whilst gauging you as you are presenting.  When I was in public speaking I would have loved to have moderated my speech live.  I think this is a super app with so much practical application.

Audience – 10 years and up

Price – FREE


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